Mind Dynamics Center

Presenting a holistic, multi-dimensional approach through behavioural psychology, our training programs help create breakthroughs in the following areas:

Self awareness
Improving Communication Skills
Better Interpersonal Relationships
Self Motivation
Peak level productivity &
Success through Excellence.

We believe in the Japanese organizational culture: "Continuous, on-going and never ending improvement" We also create & design training programs to suit your specific needs in the field of H.R.D., Management and Motivational Psychology

Titles of Training Programs conducted

Assertiveness Training
Communication Skills
Body Language
Conflicts Management
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Leadership Skills
Team Building and Group Dynamics
Positive Thinking
Success through self-hypnosis
Transactional Analysis
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Achievement motivation
Time Management
Stress Management
Setting and achieving goals
Changes and Challenges
Risk Taking
Selling Techniques
Harmonious Family Relationships
Parental Psychology
Teen-age Psychology
Excellence in Exams
Interview Techniques
Group Discussion Techniques
Powers of the sub-conscious mind
Multiple Intelligence
Overcoming Sleeplessness
Commitment to Excellence